In the EPC industry, the most significant influence on success is the quality of the people that form your team. Unfortunately, the reality is that project work can be cyclical. You work hard to keep the pipeline full, but outside influences on timing alone can create problems. One way to help manage the ups and downs is with a partner that has been there and knows what it takes.

Many traditional staffing companies are just trying to move bodies and collect their commission in the process. Our approach leverages quality over quantity, and it starts with resource identification. We've spent decades in the industry, and we've been on your side of the table.  We know that the key to building strong teams is great people, and we're passionate about helping make the right connections so everyone involved can be happy and successful.

We have personal experience with most of the people we work with.  If we don't, we look to people recommended by someone we trust. As we get to know new candidates, we conduct a qualification assessment, sit down for a detailed conversation and try to understand who a candidate is and what types of teams they can thrive in. We don't just check recommendations and perform a drug screen; we take time to understand people's skillsets and personality more thoroughly. We will never propose a resource we wouldn't hire for the role ourselves - that's a promise.


Team focused

We have a passion for people and for building great teams, so we’re not just looking to place people. It takes time to identify, hire, onboard and incorporate each team member. Let us help by taking care of the identification, hiring, and onboarding so you can concentrate on your work.


We have years of experience working for some of the largest employers in the EPC industry, and we’ve lived in your shoes – at the operational level and at the project level. We know the pitfalls of building a quality staff, and we know the pain of de-staffing quality resources as well.


We're not trying to become a behemoth that works with everyone. We don't want every resume in town at our fingertips. We want to help people and companies that we align with.  You'll always get our best effort because we've made a conscious effort to partner with people and companies we believe in.

Building great teams is our passion.

Let us help build yours.


Our professional networks include top-tier talent with engineering, design, and project management experience across a wide array of industries.
forest products
mining & metals
power generation
pulp & paper

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Whether you're an engineering organization who needs to grow quickly to meet demand without sacrificing quality, or a dynamic employee who just hasn't found the right fit - IPG Resources is the answer you've been looking for. Reach out today and let us help build your team.

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